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The Auto Accident App (AAA) is a FREE multi-platform mobile phone application that is designed to help accident victims to easily find help and to guide them through the documentation of their accident scene. It is useful for auto accidents, work injuries, slip and falls, assaults, etc. 

In the event of an accident, the user is able to collect details about the accident, pictures of the vehicles involved, audio-visual and written statements from all parties and witnesses. The information that is collected is automatically compiled into an Accident Report which can be emailed instantly to the legal provider selected.

The app automatically selects providers that serve the area where the user is located at that time. The app gives the user the option to change the provider search location. This allows the user to select providers closer to their home or work if they prefer.

The AAA gives you true protection. It features one-button access to find help from various categories of accident providers; automatically detect and share your location to selected people in your contact list; convenient options to document accident information; and access to transportation, funding, and other related services.

When the AAA is installed onto a users smartphone, it collects information about the user that will be needed in the event of an emergency such as their name, address, drivers license, insurance, emergency contacts, etc. The app then gives the user the opportunity to automatically share the app with friends and family.


This groundbreaking mobile phone application will be available for FREE download starting January 1, 2018.